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Hyperbaric Tunneling    

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What is DCAP?

DCAP is a comprehensive computer program that serves as a tool for the generation and
analysis of decompression tables and profiles. These tables are for decompressing people who may be exposed to elevated air or gas pressure followed bya reduction of pressure. This applies mainly to divers and caisson and tunnel workers...

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Hamilton RW, Kay E. Boring Deep Tunnels. In: Proceedings, Third Conference of U.S.-Japan Panel on Aerospace-Diving Physiology & Technology, and Hyperbaric Medicine. 2008 November. Nakatsu, Japan.

The process of digging tunnels deep underground has changed in the last three decades, due largely to the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM). This has revolutionized the compressed air mining and tunneling industry, creating a whole new world ....

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